New Media

Alongside specialising in journalism on my degree, I have also done a lot of work based around web and new media. What this entails is making websites and all sorts of interesting products using web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to generate the product in an IDE such as CodePen.

Whilst most of my new media work complements the journalism work, this has given me an extra set of skills to work with, particularly with data journalism as I can code my data visualisations using JavaScript languages such as jQuery and Angular.JS.

Most of my work in my three years of doing New Media has been done in CodePen for my second and third year at Birmingham City University. Here’s my third year project that I have done for one of my final modules on my degree, which also has an article if you click on the picture below.


If you want to see more of the work I have done in New Media on my CodePen profile, then click onto the link below to see my portfolio.

CodePen portfolio: