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My main specialisms are digital, sports, politics, local news, mobile, video, multimedia and data journalism in which my articles have received bylines and prominent coverage on local and national media outlets such as Birmingham Updates, Mirror Sport, Express.co.uk and more.

Also, I design data visualisations and infographics in Tableau, Datawrapper and Infogram, as well as self-shooting and editing video content on my mobile through my own YouTube channel.

“Umar has many qualities but one has stood out for me, it has been evident from the first day I met him that he genuinely cares about other people. I have seen him take responsibility and volunteer and be willing to help others and would be an asset in team based environments.” – Dave Rooke – Head of Content Services at Sky UK

“Umar has been very enthusiastic with his work and keen to make the most of the opportunity with theCheckeredFlag.co.uk.

“He has understood the values we represent at TCF and fitted in with our house style quickly.”  – Vince Pettit – Editor-in-Chief of theCheckeredFlag.co.uk