Running? Why Take it So Seriously?

Apart from my day job being a journalist and content marketer, I spend five days a week doing something physical, three of them being dedicated solely to running. As my 2019 race schedule training is in full flow, it got me thinking about why I take my running seriously compared with most hobbies.

The reason is a simple one, I enjoy challenging myself to learn and evolve with anything whether that is content marketing or working on correct running technique. If there is a challenge that involves a mixture of mental, psychological and physical, I will always be up to give it absolutely everything I have.

Joining the Bournville Harriers

I must admit, this took me some time to consider whether or not joining a running club was a good step forward. However, I took the plunge and from Monday 29 October 2018, officially joined the Bournville Harriers, which is appropriately based in Bournville, a suburb of South Birmingham.

Considering that I live in Saltley in East Birmingham, the lack of running clubs in the area was a major decision to join Bournville Harriers. While I have learned to be patient in my running progression, it just seemed obvious to me that I wanted to go into a higher gear and start aiming for 10 miles and half-marathon distance runs long-term.

Investing in Stable Running Shoes

Let’s be honest, the last few months have been some of the most difficult in my running journey to date and it was mainly down to choosing trainers that were lightweight and had absolutely no cushioning to absorb the impact of the runs I did. I made the conscious decision to ditch my Nikes and replace them with a pair of ASICS and Brooks.

Usually, I spend less than £40 on running shoes but on this occasion, I spent around the £100-£120 mark as I wanted a running shoe that was neutral, lightweight and could absorb bumps without having pain in my calves and shins. It’s fair to say they will be an investment well spent with time and practise.

Race Schedule for 2019

With 2019 coming ever closer, I have made it an intention to run the Great Birmingham half marathon in October 2019, all 13.1 miles of it so its the main thing I am training for on my race schedule. The Great Birmingham 10k in May 2019 is also on the agenda as  I’m hungry to go and get a 45-48min time from last year’s 50:19.

I am keen to add more races to my schedule whether if they are 10ks, 10 milers and half marathons in the Midlands. It’s just a case of fitting it around each race I do and ensuring I do not overtrain in my preparation for the events themselves.

Running has become one of my prominent hobbies in my spare time and it’s a great way of relieving stress and keeping your mind active. If you are feeling down, why not pop on a pair of trainers and run!

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