Change is Good, Doing More is Better

Over the past year, it has been a journey of going through major changes in my life. For an individual who struggles with change, it has been incredibly positive to make these changes both professionally and personally as it’s important to keep evolving while retaining a sense of curiosity and realism.

Being able to have a sense of perspective has not only been beneficial towards how I see the world and industry I am in but has taught me that you should always adapt efficiently towards various situations. It’s being able to be hit with every knock and come back rejuvenated time and time again.

The Turning Point

At the end of 2017, I had a brainwave and it was to live a more minimalistic lifestyle, which meant removing anything that had no sentimental value. It’s still an on-going process and the journey still feels as if it’s continuing slowly but I think its key that you should set small goals towards living a more creative and fulfilling lifestyle.

The biggest change and a turning point in 2018 so far was “ditching” (hiding my TV) my television. A large part of my childhood was spent watching a wide range of cartoons, documentaries, news and live sport although I simply felt as if I needed a change and removing the TV was a big step forward towards my personal development.


Do More, Consume Less

My main motto I live by right now is “Consume less, do more” and it could not be truer. There are other areas I need to work on (read more, making dietary changes, etc.), although that will come with time and practice. I see my life now as one of consistent, life-long learning and trying new things that I would never have considered before.

Next year, I’m aiming to run my first-ever half marathon at the Great Birmingham Run and in doing so, I’m wanting to use every single bit of spare time I have to learn, challenge and push myself to the absolute limit, I might re-learn how to ride a bike again and obtain my full driving licence.

The best thing I have learned from all these experiences I have gained is to take responsibility for your past actions and positively move forward. After all, the mistakes you make are a great catalyst for driving change and ensuring that you will never make the same mistake twice.

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