Refocusing and Finding the Productivity Bug Again

It’s been nearly two months since I decided to relocate back to my hometown of Birmingham and my productivity has dwindled between purple patches of productivity and days where I seem to be at home and achieve absolutely nothing.

While I have a job hunt to focus on, alongside attempting to work on new projects, upskilling my skillset and pitching stories, I have hit walls where I am asking myself some tough questions for my career. It was not until the last few days where I knew something had to change in my mindset and the days of being at home doing nothing stopped immediately.

The important thing when you are in a rut is to figure out your purpose for the next stage of your career/life. I knew living and working in London for three months was not the right fit for me although that experience was valuable for my next ventures going forward.

Life is not one straight line all drawn up for you, there are many bumps, knocks and bruises that are absorbed on the journey ahead but it’s about how you get back up from those setbacks time and time again. Never ever rush your way to what you want because the process takes longer than you expect.

I knew I had to declutter and refocus my energy on the things I am passionate about which meant removing distractions in my bedroom. Productive use of screen time is one of my goals going forward due to the fact that I want to be able to read and listen more while also producing meaningful work with minimal distractions.

Blaming others for problems that have been self-created is not a good approach to simplifying and refocusing on your life and career goals. At the end of the day, you have to own up to these problems in order to move forward rather than run away without no clear direction otherwise why put yourself in that position in the first place?

In all honesty, these past several weeks have been the best foundation for reflection and moving forward with my media career. If you’re in doubt, don’t remain silent, always believe that the journey will be worth the hard work that has been taken towards replacing those past habits behind.

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