Don’t Dream It’s Over

Throughout my life, I have always been an unconventional and ambitious individual. Being stuck in one direction stifles progression which is why in my five years’ working in the media and journalism industries, I have strived to push myself to produce content that pushes me out of my comfort zone physically and mentally.

When I first heard Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, it gave me some inspiration and direction towards the decisions I have made throughout my life and why I never gave up on optimism to pursue my dreams. It could have been very easy for me to give up, but I kept fighting and putting in the work.

After all, if you want to learn new skills or improve productivity, it is imperative to find out what is holding you back from achieving that goal. Taking every day at a time and setting small, measurable goals is not only an attractive strategy, it helps put one’s achievements into perspective and helps them stay hungry.

Whether if it has been learning data visualisation or changing my lifestyle, I have always believed to create positive change, you have to let your actions do the talking. It’s good to set goals although if you are not achieving them in a progressive manner, then you will end up in the same direction with no backup plan in place.

Understanding yourself and having a strong sense of self-awareness has benefited me as I know what legacy I want to leave on this planet. I’m fortunate enough to realise that when I wake up every morning, there is so much positive energy that I want to channel to my family, friends and professional contacts every single day.

There are days when you have to grind and it can be difficult to get work done, it is important that you leave the distractions at home and get the tasks done one-by-one. The job won’t be done automatically so having patience and kindness to others is not only attractive, it will help you grow as an individual both personally and professionally.

One of the tips I give to anyone working in the media and in journalism is patience. It’s important that if you want to work in these industries, you have to put in the hours of hard work no matter how fun or mundane it is. Life is not a bed of roses and anyone who is successful has had to overcome many obstacles to get to their chosen profession.

Never stop dreaming it’s over because it is never too late to dream of working in your chosen career. I have had many bumps along the road over the past few years albeit they have made me stronger and more determined to help young journalists and media professionals have the confidence and skills to work in a fast-changing industry.

After all, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and be different when pursuing your childhood dreams and slowly making them become a reality.

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