Six months of quitting gaming, so what?

Six months. That is the amount of time I have gone without playing a video game and for someone who grew up with Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo and Tekken, it is something of an achievement for me. Even though video games have taken up a chunk of my life, but I knew at some point I had to hang up the controller.

In October 2017, I decided enough is enough and put all my consoles and games out of sight for good. As someone who has played on every home PlayStation console to date, this was a big move for me although the lengths I took to quit gaming started way back in 2013.

The process was slow but gradual as I would lose interest in the newest racing title. Spending £50 on a title you would only play for a few weeks’ until you got tired of is reckless and downright wasteful. It did take me multiple occasions to realise that its a waste of money buying something if it does not benefit you long-term.

As I had developed a consistent passion for data visualisation and my personal brand, I knew there would be some interests I had not forged in a while that I had to let go of. If success is hindering you due to your current habits, then audit yourself extensively and find out the thing that makes you tick.

Video games were the first to go from my hobbies. It was a four-year battle that I had finally won and the fact I have more time to pursue the things I love (exercise, music, content creation and sport) is fantastic. I’m now producing more content than ever before and finding ways to push myself outside my comfort zone.

It’s not to say that I should tell you to quit video games. After all, everyone has their own personalities and hobbies so its all about figuring out what gives you pleasure every single day. If you enjoy playing video games and streaming your killstreaks and fastest laps, that is completely fine so long as you don’t lose sight of who you are.

So what? You quit video games, and are spending your time doing data visualisation? Yes, I enjoy the challenge of having a challenging dataset to create a viz that my audience can understand. It can be tough, but it gives me more pleasure to share my visualisations with a like-minded community.

I never expected that I would go six months without a video game and its been at times difficult, I have not thought twice about the decision. Self-awareness and contentment levels are higher than they have ever been in my life, as well as productivity and the quality of work I am producing at the moment.

All it takes is one light bulb moment to realise that things can change in an instant. If you enjoy video games, great although if you want to hang up the controller, make sure there is a plan in place so monetary relapses are out of the decision-making process. Knowing yourself is key to creating positive changes.

Image credit goes to Pixabay.

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