Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 13 – What is the UK’s favourite chocolate bar?

Once again, I have been very on and off with my Makeover Monday participation recently due to other commitments I have had to prioritise although I managed to squeeze in an evening for my Week 13 entry.

This week’s dataset looks at the UK’s favourite chocolate bars and although it is coming up to Easter. I cannot live, let alone function without having one bar of chocolate every week after I have finished a long Monday morning run.

Here is the original viz from the CDA, which is a bump chart so let’s see what works and what could be improved.

Original Viz

What works

  • Bump chart is clearly labelled and a good choice when visualising ranked data as it allows to easily see the age demographics.
  • The chocolate bar brands on the left and right are an excellent reference point for users looking at the viz.
  • Having a key that says “doesn’t rank” is very useful as it minimises the user from guessing which chocolate bar has not ranked on the viz.

What could be improved?

  • There are too many colours at once on the bump chart as it could create challenges for colour blind users to look at the viz.
  • Although the title suits the topic well, it could be better. Instead of “Top 10”, maybe come up with something such as “Work, Rest, Play: Mars is the most popular chocolate bar in the UK among all ages”.

What I did

  • Produce a viz in under an hour as I am quite pressed for time at the moment due to other work commitments.
  • I was inspired by Sarah Burnett’s viz using the gorilla, so it was a natural choice to go with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
  • Keep the colour scheme simple and ensure that the colours reflect the style of the Dairy Milk packaging.

With that said, here is my Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 13 entry, focusing on Cadbury’s Dairy Milk being the third most favourite chocolate bar among the 18-24 demographic in the UK. You can also watch the advert, complete with Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight in the viz by clicking on the picture below in Tableau Public.

MM WK13 - Dairy Milk

One thought on “Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 13 – What is the UK’s favourite chocolate bar?

  1. Joe says:

    Cadbury have lost their top spot to Mars. Their popularity is falling since the take over. Lots of controversial changes to the recipes and business practices.


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