BrumTUG – Back with a bang!

Thursday 1 February 2018 saw the return of the Birmingham Tableau User Group from the University of Law in Birmingham.

Considering this was the first-ever TUG I have ever been to in March 2017, it seemed very fitting this would be my first Tableau event of 2018.

The team have expanded from one to three co-leaders. Running the ship for the current BrumTUG leadership is Cloudstream’s Rebecca Roland, Ali Motion and Tim Andrews. Considering I have known Becca for over a year, I was delighted to see the User Group relaunched with a bang!

Once I got myself signed in, I immediately found Athan Mavrantonis by surprise who came all the way from London. Not only did I meet Athan, I finally got to meet the amazing Neil Richards who has been someone I have always wanted to meet in the Tableau community.

As I eased myself into the TUG with some networking and free pizza, I was introduced by the team to the relaunched BrumTUG and the schedule for the night.


Jaguar Land Rover’s Clive Benford shared his customer story to the audience. What was fascinating about his presentation was the expansion of JLR, as well as the challenges he faced keeping up demand with Tableau licences, as well as the number of people working in the Analytics department.


After the customer story, it was onto Book Club and Tim shared the amazing Big Book of Dashboards, a book I’m currently trying to get through. As I own the book, it is an amazing book of applying excellent principles to dashboard and visualisation design.


The main attraction of the night was the Hackathon where everyone in the room had 40 minutes to create a visualisation on some data from the Commonwealth Games from 1978-2014.

I came up with the idea to visualise the data looking at the Top 10 Nations in terms of Medals Total from 1978 and look at the Top 3 overtime (England, Canada and Australia). The bump chart took me 20 minutes to build in Tableau due to Matt Chambers’ tutorial which was a straightforward step-by-step process.

BrumTUG - Hackathon

Knowing that I love throwing myself into the unknown, I got up and presented something to an audience in Tableau. A life-long goal of mine was to present something I had made in Tableau. Whilst the presentation of my viz was unclear for a first-timer, I’m still proud of myself for getting up and presenting my work to the community.

With the presentations of the audience’s vizzes coming one after the other, me and a couple of the attendees headed off for a drink to celebrate the success of the relaunched BrumTUG.

A thoroughly enjoyable night which was made by everyone that attended the User Group. It’s fair to say I’m still going to continue attending BrumTUG, as well as the London TUG and other TUGs across the country.

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