Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 5 – What companies make the most profit per second?

For Week 5 of Makeover Monday 2018, the dataset focused around what the most profitable companies made per second.

The dataset itself was very simple which suited me very well considering that I have a lot of things going on this week not to mention the relaunch of the Birmingham Tableau User Group this Thursday evening.

Original Viz: TitleMax


What I like

  • The icons make it so easy to identify what company from the industry it is in without relying on the radial chart.
  • You can find out how profitable the companies are by looking at the size of each segment.
  • I also like how they have used a clock to highlight a second for the company’s profit per second.

What could be improved?

  • There’s too many colours that make the radial chart seem really busy and distracting on the eye.
  • I’m not a big fan of radial charts so I struggled to see how much the companies were profiting per second which is not very friendly to the audience.
  • Instead of having so much going on in one visualisation, focus on a specific story angle without using all the data.

My goals for this week

  • Last week, I really struggled with the Turkey Vulture data so with this dataset, I wanted to focus on a specific story angle (tech companies).
  • I liked the idea of focusing it around the two major tech rivals, Apple and Microsoft in terms of how much profit they generated per day for their respective companies.
  • Create a visualisation in under an hour as I mentioned earlier in the blog post so that I could focus on the busy week ahead.

With that said, when I originally published this viz, I got some feedback immediately, detailing the improvements I could make.

Apple Dominate Profit Per Day

Charlie H immediately gave me some feedback on which was incredibly useful to me.

“Take a look at your use of colour across the title and sub-title, and then compare to the chart. I’d consider ensuring that Apple is coloured the same in both (you seem to use a different blue for the text and the bar). Also consider pulling the Microsoft bar colour into your sub-title, and then you could colour all other comapnies light grey to push them into the background.

“Finally – do you need all those zeroes on the y-axis or can you aggregate up to $m to maximise space?”

Eva M Tweeted me her feedback, saying:

“Why are the words ‘Apple’ and the bar representing Apple’s profit coloured in different shades of blue?”

So I took their feedback on-board and ended up with this iteration for Makeover Monday Week 5. It’s amazing how excellent feedback can help improve your viz!

Apple Dominate Profit Per Day final iteration

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