A History of the WWE Royal Rumble

With only three more weeks to go before history will be made at the 31st Annual Royal Rumble in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I decided to visualise the history of one of WWE‘s “Big Four” events.

WWE has always been a big part of my life, growing up with watching the likes of The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin to John Cena, Seth Rollins and so on. It had not crossed my mind that for the past year of using Tableau that I had not done a data visualisation on anything relating to wrestling. That is no more until now!

Finding and wrangling the data was quite straightforward as I knew Wikipedia would have all the facts and figures relating to the Royal Rumble event from 1988 to present. Once I got the data, I put into one big Excel spreadsheet which took an hour to do before I went into the sketching phase.

WWE RR Sketch

Immediately, I knew what I wanted in the sketch before I built in Tableau although I was slightly unsure if the Match Length column for the Royal Rumble was going to work in Tableau. Although I could change bits of the viz in the sketch in Tableau if they had no real relevance to the story I am telling.

Building a long-form data visualisation is something I have struggled in the past because sometimes I do not communicate the story clearly. Whilst that was a weakness of mine previously, I knew that to make a great long-form viz, the emphasis on story was key.

With that said, here is my final visualisation on the History of the WWE Royal Rumble from 1988 – present. You can view this in Tableau Public by clicking on the image below.

Royal Rumble

Image Credit goes to Bleacher Report.

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