Makeover Monday 2018 – Week 1 – Poultry and Livestock Consumption in the US

Happy New Year! As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I wanted to set some time every week to do Makeover Monday. As it’s the first day of 2018, I needed to get off to the best possible start so here goes with the first Makeover of the year!

This week’s dataset looks at the poultry and livestock consumption per capita of the United States from 1960-2018. It’s quite a detailed dataset but I had no problems downloading the data from onto my laptop.

Here is the original visualisation from The Atlas in it’s current format.

Original viz MM 2018 WK1

What I like

  • The y and x axis for the years and pounds are clearly labelled and easy to follow.
  • The lines track the changes of the consumption per capita between the pork, beef and chicken categories.
  • Good use of colour for the categories as it’s not overpowering on the audience’s senses.

What could be improved?

  • The gridlines act as a distraction towards the visualisation – maybe get rid of them to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • The lines for each of the categories is great but it would benefit from a bit of interactivity to see how much consumption per capita is changing over the years.
  • Slight adjustment with the title to give it more impact towards the figures it’s showing with the visualisation.

My goals for this week’s Makeover

  • Focus on one angle of the story and don’t feel compelled to use all the data in my makeover.
  • Use less colour, but ensure that it has a purpose towards the whole viz.
  • Be very clear with my choice of chart to illustrate my Makeover instead of overcomplicating the data.

With that said, here is my first Makeover Monday entry of 2018. It’s a simple slope chart looking at the increase in broiler chicken consumption per capita in the US compared with the decrease in beef consumption.

You can view the visualisation in Tableau Public by clicking on the picture below.

Makeover Monday 2018 - Week 1

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