My Tableau Goals for 2018

2017 has been an amazing first year of using Tableau as a data visualisation tool. It’s been a year full of amazing opportunities such as participating in Makeover Monday as well as attending the London and Birmingham Tableau User Groups which have been the big highlights of 2017 for me.

Coming into 2018, I’m always looking to improve my data visualisation skills. As I had a small window to express this in my previous post, it was ideal for me to do a separate post on my Tableau goals. With that said, I am looking forward to what the New Year brings for me in Tableau!

Makeover Monday – More simplicity, less ambiguity

Dashboard 1

When I first started in Tableau, I was immediately directed to Makeover Mondaythe social data project run by Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel. Each week, the data visualisation community makeover the original visualisation by producing their own take on the viz and sharing it on social media.

I have very much enjoyed participating in 22 of the 52 weeks in 2017 which was a complete surprise to me because if I did 10, I would have still been happy considering it’s my first year participating in the project.

In regards to improving on Makeover Monday, being clear with my choice of charts, as well as my storytelling is one of my goals for 2018. Putting yourself in the audience’s shoes is key towards making that goal become a reality.

Attend more Tableau events

Paul David and Me

This is a big goal of mine considering I attended three Tableau User Groups in 2017 in Birmingham and London. Whilst I want to continue attending the TUGs, I do want to attend more Tableau-related events and conferences in 2018.

As the goal of mine is to attend 5-6 Tableau User Groups across the United Kingdom, I am also really keen to go to other events such as Tiny Tableau Talks as they will allow me to expand my community presence, and my understanding of Tableau.

Virtual events such as the Tableau Fringe Festival and webinars will also form part of my increased activity in the community in 2018.

Presenting at Tableau events

Paul Chapman presentation

Similar to attending more Tableau events in 2018, I am keen to present at TUGs and other events. A big part of this is to build my confidence when presenting in front of various audiences.

The September London TUG in 2017 inspired me to explore the opportunity of speaking at these kind of events. Paul Chapman’s presentation on “Can Tableau change your life?” was the catalyst towards pursuing an opportunity to speak at these events.

Whilst I am realistic about my presenting opportunities, it never hurts to start from the bottom and work your way up!

Keep building my Tableau Public portfolio


Coming into the end of 2017, having 60 vizzes on my Tableau Public profile was very surprising for me. It’s also shown me why it’s important to keep building that portfolio into something reputable to show employers for Tableau-related jobs.

In 2018, this is no exception to the rule. If I’m dead serious on wanting a Tableau job, I simply need to build on the good work from 2017 and ensure that I am using Tableau in my spare time every day or find ways of using it in my job as a journalist.

Learn other tools that can help with Tableau

Indian Girls Usable Toilets

I cannot stress this final goal enough for my data visualisation development and that is learning other tools that can be useful towards my Tableau skills.

In 2017, I did briefly come across R and SQL but never really spent time building those core database skills which would work together nicely with my existing Tableau and Excel skills.

There’s no excuses in 2018 to learn more tools for data visualisation as I’m pushing towards learning D3.js, Python, SQL, R, Excel and C++. Having Tableau as a skill is great but I have to keep learning more data visualisation tools to complement my soft skills.

That’s my Tableau goals for 2018 and I’m super excited to continue building on the foundations of 2017 to become a better version of myself in data visualisation and analytics.

I hope the Tableau community has a happy, prosperous New Year and I look forward to seeing you all virtually and in person very soon!

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