Out with 2017, in with 2018 – My main goals for the upcoming year

As we’re coming up to the end of 2017, it’s been another fantastic year in regards to the things I have done, not to mention graduating from Birmingham City University in July.

Whilst I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, I do have some goals lined up for the upcoming year.

1. Maintaining a zero expectations mentality

Cape Town South Africa

It’s something I picked up in the latter half of 2017 after reading internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s post on How to Have Zero Expectations”

This article immediately inspired my mentality shift because I was going through a rough patch in 2017 with finding graduate employment. I told myself “Why are you putting yourself through nonsense when you should be focusing on what you want?”

I kept plugging away and eventually secured an internship with an online magazine which I am starting in January 2018. It comes to show how much hard work will get you but you have to consistently keep punching above your weight to get your rewards.

2. Keep things simple!


My second 2018 goal is to keep things simple. Whether if it’s creating content, visualising data or organising my bedroom, my approach is the same, keep it simple, sweetheart!

At times, I overthink things in which I can have so many thoughts running around in my head of mine. If I’m analysing something, it is common for me go into the most infinite of details.

That’s okay if I’m having an in-depth conversation but when I’m at networking events or at work, it’s only right to keep the details to an absolute minimum.

3. Participating and teaching Tableau, as well as attending more events

Thin Lizzy

In 2017, I came across Tableau. Knowing me, I jumped at the opportunity to use it in my journalism work, as well as find some practical uses for it.

I have attended three Tableau User Groups in London and Birmingham in 2017, I am looking to attend at least five or more Tableau events across the United Kingdom in 2018 because I have found them to be extremely useful every month to learn about how the product is changing as well as how it’s being used in various work environments.

Also, another of my Tableau goals in 2018 is to use Tableau more often and teaching people how to use the software. In regards to Makeover Monday, I’m setting up some time every week to do it from now on, as well as doing some personal projects not to mention Workout Wednesday as I’m continuing to build on my progress from 2017.

On the teaching side of things, I am looking to teach journalists how to use Tableau and data visualisation effectively whilst also taking the opportunity to present at the London, Midlands, North West and Birmingham TUGs respectively. The more presenting opportunities, the better!

4. Producing and pitching journalism content


It was a good year for me on the journalism front, but I knew there needed to be some improvements for 2018 to ensure I am constantly producing content not just for my blog, but also for digital, print and video platforms.

In order to maintain consistency in the work I produce, I have to balance the data visualisation stuff I do with Tableau and other visualisation tools that I’m exploring such as R, Python and SQL for 2018 alongside my journalism content.

Whilst I have a good body of content on my blog, it’s time to take it forward and start pitching stories more regularly. Whether if it’s sport, news, politics, technology, education and society for national and local publications such as The New Statesman, Verdict, Compelo, BBC News, Sky News etc. Any stories I publish will definitely add to my expanding portfolio.

That’s my four main goals for 2018. I am definitely looking forward to the New Year, as well as meeting up with friends, family and new work colleagues as I continue to amass even more experience whether if it’s data analytics, journalism, media or life in general!

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