One day, one step at a time

Over the past few months, I have overseen a lifestyle change in how I approach life. Whilst I have gorged upon a lot of content from Gary Vaynerchuk within embracing a mindset of empathy and gratitude, there is a reason for it, it’s all about taking each day as it comes.

It has also meant taking a step back from Tableau although I really did not expect to take a break from using the software at this point in the year. I looked at my Tableau Public profile and saw the 59 visualisations I created during 2017 and seeing the progress from January to now is astonishing.

Taking a break from Tableau has meant I have a fresh pair of eyes to scout for data to viz with. As much as I love participating in Makeover Monday, I am looking forward to engaging in more social data projects such as Viz for Social Good and Workout Wednesday once my Tableau skills are more advanced but that will come with time.

The Tableau community itself has given me confidence to be able to work on my soft skills which all lends itself towards the jobs I am currently applying for as a graduate. Attending User Groups in Birmingham and London has also contributed to creating life-long friendships and I’m looking to attend more TUGs in 2018.

Learning by doing has been something I have worked on for the past few years and by working on what I’m good at whilst developing new skills has been a crucial part of my development this year. The most important life lesson I have learned is from a video I watched recently  on YouTube with Vaynerchuk about surrounding yourself with the right people.

Meeting new people this year has helped expand my horizons in the dataviz and media sphere because it has forced me to go outside my comfort zone and learn something new. I do have a soft spot for some of my closest friends but it’s inevitable after university that other friendships will drift away. Don’t dwell on why that friend is not speaking to you anymore, find new friends!

If you’re starting your week, do not be afraid to make positive changes because once you take each day and step at a time whilst having no expectations of how the week pans out, it may change your perspective and your lifestyle.

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