Throwing my expectations out the window

A few weeks’ ago when I continued my graduate job hunt, I had a moment where I realised it’s time to throw all my expectations completely out the window and start doing things. It’s something I used to do in the past with immediate success but what prompted me to take this route?

There could be so many reasons for having no expectations in life whether that is making friends or finding a new job, but I was so sick and tired of having to meet unrealistic demands. I told myself to not expect anything anymore because for every disappointment I have had, you are only continuing to put more self-doubt into yourself.

When I came across a post on Medium by Gary Vaynerchuk a few days ago on “How to Have Zero Expectations”, everything started to make sense to me. I realised that in the past I used to think very deeply about what others thought of me and that fear of being looked upon as a failure found it’s way into my brain. I am not a failure and it’s apparent I was wasting my time believing what others thought of myself.

Vaynerchuk makes an excellent point which is you cannot be upset about something that’s out of your hands. As I continue to have job interviews and build my portfolio through my data visualisation and media work, it’s none of your business to get upset over someone who has upset you. Rise above it and create your own opportunities because an opportunity is not handed to you on a silver platter!

Expectations make you open to being a target. That’s why if you approach work and life in the perspective that if you simply don’t expect anything to happen and you keep working hard, the rewards will come. I would rather be surprised if something I have been developing comes good rather than rushing something.

The reason why I continue to adopt a “no expectations” mentality is simply down to me having a great deal of empathy towards what I do. No-one is perfect and at the end of the day, it’s all about doing what you love best by embracing kindness and gratitude towards your family, friends and peers.

Mere words won’t help you become successful unless you try and get outside your comfort zone. Never ever let expectations define who you are as an individual!

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