A declutter later…..

Over the past couple of weeks in my quest to secure my first graduate job, the past few months have not been easy as I have constantly faced rejection after rejection.  Two weeks’ ago, I decided to declutter my entire job search and lifestyle and embrace something from my past.

It was through all the blood, sweat and tears that I realised that I was not putting in as much effort crafting every application or CV to be as good as it could be. That was when the penny dropped and I embraced something that has been influential to me, the less is more approach.

Immediately, I dropped my quota of jobs to apply for weekly from 10-15 to around 3-5 jobs a week. That’s a third of the jobs I would have been applying for in a week. By dropping that amount of job applications in a week, it would help me focus on adapting my application to the role I am applying for.

You’re thinking five jobs a week?! I bet you’re spending that time doing stuff you enjoy. To a degree, yes. However, I have recognised the importance of refining and adding new skills  because I recognise that in the media and analytics industries, you have to keep practising your craft to ensure that complacency does not creep in whatever way possible.

It’s also meant that I attend as many networking events wherever I can across the country whether if it’s Tableau User Groups, Hacks/Hackers or an event relating to media, journalism or something completely unrelated to my specialisms. All these events are fantastic opportunities to get yourself noticed and speaking to people, you never know where they could lead you to your dream career!

I have recognised that it’s good every once in a while to declutter not just your job search, but your overall lifestyle. The last few weeks, I have never felt more happier and that’s down to a number of external factors. You have to be prepared to lose things that have no sentimental value to you in order to drive positive change for yourself.

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