Less is more when it comes to job hunting

Less is more. It’s a term I use for most of my everyday life with good reason and it’s because for the last year, finding a graduate job has consumed most of my life and with good reason.

It’s coming up to four months since I had graduated from university. Whilst it has been at times difficult to face constant rejection after every application and interview, I realised that there needed to be improvements to the way I approached it. Reducing the amount of jobs I had applied for in a week was something I needed to work on.

That’s when the light bulb moment came up and I knew that in order to change my fortunes, I relied upon my networks to scrutinise my CV to see where I needed to work on to get that eventual foot in the door. Once I knew where the improvements needed to be made, I then looked at my approaches to job hunting.

At the moment, I am continuing to constantly refine my skills and build my portfolio up instead of spending swathes of time applying for jobs I have no interest in. The most important thing in this tough period of life as a graduate is realising that it’s not a sprint, but a marathon to secure a graduate job and you have to be focused 100% on the hunt.

Even my social networking platforms have been overhauled to help build a clear, concise personal brand. In the last few weeks, I have been heavily updating my LinkedIn account to ensure that I can maximise full use of the hidden jobs market, which is heavily reliant on networking and informational interviews.

As the jobs I am applying for are within the media, communications and journalism industries, I have also applied for jobs within analytics. However, it’s important in my case not to go for a scatter gun approach as it will lead to poorer quality applications and interview performances.

I remain hopeful in my current situation at the moment within the graduate job hunt as I continue to build my portfolio and skills, but it’s also taught me about the pitfalls of job hunting. These experiences will serve as the blueprint going forward in my search as I look towards getting my foot on the job ladder soon.

Less will definitely be more as I inch ever closer to that first job!

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