Never doubt yourself, ever

I am going to admit these three months have been tough both from a confidence and personal perspective. There’s absolutely no shame in that considering I had graduated from Birmingham City University with a 2:1 in Media and Communication (Journalism), but if there’s one thing it has taught me is to never doubt yourself.

You will probably be thinking “Why should I have said that earlier?” Yes, it’s because when you have spent eighteen years out of twenty-one of your life in full-time education acquiring a range of experiences which are valuable but when it comes to the world of work, it becomes a completely different game to play.

Through every interview, work experience, and self-development stage I have undertaken, it has given me so much to learn from for my career. Although at times, there were points where I was in some dark places and it was only by having the self-belief and determination to fight that helped me get through and build that persistence that gives me the confidence to keep fighting.

Yes, I have times where I think this is not going to happen, but what has helped me is the support I have had from my friends, family and peers in getting me through this tough situation. At times, I would have wanted to lie in my bed and just forget about life, but by doing that, it creates further self-doubt and as a graduate, that is the worst place you can be in.

Don’t ever despair about your current situation because by doing something productive (upskilling, volunteering, internships), it gives you an opportunity to stay busy whilst you look for your first job. Never discourage yourself from getting any job for the time being no matter what the trade is (retail, administration etc.) because at the end of the day, all experience is transferable.

There are many university graduates who are in exactly the same situation as myself and all I can say is to be aware and if an opportunity comes, you have to go for it. Come in and make a positive first impression because if you’ve applied for 80, 90 or 100 jobs and never had an interview, you simply have to grab that chance with both hands.

Finally, if you’re a graduate like me who is still looking for your first job, all I can say is never doubt yourself, take those knockbacks less personally and just keep going until a door opens. Even better, if those doors don’t open immediately, think outside the box and create your own opportunities. You don’t know what will lie around the corner!

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