Makeover Monday Week 42 – di Grassi v. Buemi

Whilst I have been very up and down with my Makeover Monday contributions as of late due to the never-ending graduate job hunt, Week 42 surprised me a bit as the team pulled out a dataset on Formula E results going from the first season (2014/15) to the most recent season (2016/17).

When I first saw the dataset being announced on Twitter by Eva, I was immediately filled with excitement because motorsport is one of my favourite hobbies I like to do in my spare time. With that being said, I was wary of what I wanted to visualise within the dataset as there was lots of data to play with which made for some interesting analysis.

What were my aims for this week’s Makeover Monday?

  • Focus on a particular story angle within the viz as there was a lot of data within the spreadsheet.
  • Provide context to the viz (giving information about major developments that were taking place during the 2016/17 season)
  • Keep the viz simple without going too overboard with what I was communicating with the data.

My main focus with this viz is on the 2016/17 Formula E season fight between Lucas di Grassi and Sebastien Buemi as they battled all the way to the last two ePrix in Montreal, Canada.

As I knew there were some gaps in the data, it was important to add some information in if there was a retirement or either driver did not compete due to other racing commitments to inform my audience.

Here is my Makeover Monday Week 42 entry, available to view on Tableau Public by clicking on the picture below.

MM Week 42

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