You get knocked down, but you get back up again

Rejection, rejection, rejection. We have all been there before when we have been rejected from a job application or a relationship and it can be the worst feeling in the world. Don’t despair though, it’s all a learning curve as at some point we have been knocked back from something.

It’s fair to say as a graduate who is still looking for his first full-time job it can be demotivating when you are faced with constant rejection. I have known that feeling all too well and you are constantly doubting yourself whether you can gain employment, you can be left in a dark place.

To put it in a good analogy, it’s a bit like a fight. You are constantly knocked down, but you find the strength to get back up again and continue fighting. The media industry is extremely tough to secure employment, but if you put in the hours producing your own content and getting experience, the process does become a lot easier.

Whilst it can be hard getting out of bed to face the constant struggle of applying for your first graduate job, finding things to motivate you helps immensely. I have found my solace in fitness and the great outdoors because it can be so easy to be trapped in a cycle of watching meaningless daytime television so keeping active is always good.

As applying for a job can be a job in itself, I cannot stress the importance of keeping your eyes and ears open for future opportunities as you never know that dream job will come. Keep practising your craft by blogging, creating content and that job rejection will become less personal overtime as time goes on.

If you are currently in my situation at the moment and you feel hopeless, don’t. The job hunt is a marathon, not a sprint. I have come to realise that two months after graduation and whilst it can be mentally draining, if you keep at it long enough, you will eventually get your rewards. It pays always to be persistent when pursuing a career in the media.

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