Five Tips to Maximise Your London TUG Experience

This week, I attend my second-ever London Tableau User Group meeting in Tableau Software’s UK Headquarters in Southwark, London.

Whilst I am extremely excited to see my London Tableau community again, it gave me the idea to write five tips for anyone attending their first London TUG. Let’s get straight to those tips!

1. Network, network, network….

This is so important in any Tableau User Group, as well as any networking event you go to because if you do not use the opportunities to network with the London Tableau community, it becomes challenging to connect with people you have met on social media. If you meet someone you don’t know in the community, say Hello to them, it may brighten up their day!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

One of the reasons why I got the most out of my first London TUG in July was due to me not being afraid to ask questions. I find the best approach to asking is to make sure you time your question well in advance so that you can ensure that you get a good response from the speaker. Everyone has different ways of approaching this so make sure you have a few questions in the bank.

3. The Newbie Corner

This is an essential part of the London TUG experience and I was pleasantly surprised in being part of the newbie corner. Speaking with one-fifth of the team that runs the Tableau User Group was an interesting experience because I got to learn so much about how members deploy Tableau for their work. The newbie corner will no doubt be in my London TUG itinerary this Thursday!

4. Engage with the speakers

It’s not often you get a chance to speak with a CMO or a Tableau Evangelist, a London TUG is exactly the opportunity to connect with passionate Tableau users across the UK and world. Engaging with the speakers allows you to be part of their surroundings as they explain to you their Tableau stories whilst immersing yourself in that world they have created.

5. Keep in touch with your networks post-London TUG

One of the reasons why I stay engaged in the Tableau community is the friends I have made towards the Tableau User Groups I have attended. The people I have met over the last nine months has shown why I want to pursue a career in data analytics. Once you create those networks, they easily become your best friends.

Those are my five tips to maximising your London TUG experience. If you are attending your first one in London, please meet the fabulous five leaders who co-lead the group which are David Pires, Sarah Bartlett, Paul Banoub, Paul Chapman and Nick Bignell who will be very useful in ensuring that you attend future London TUGs.

Thursday 14 September 2017 is sure to be an unmissable evening as co-leader Paul Chapman, BravoSolution’s Greame Wiggins and the Copenhagen Tableau User Group Leader Kirstin Lyon will all be speaking from 6-9pm for September’s London TUG.

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