Happiness within being myself for who I am

Within this short break I had from blogging, a sleuth of thoughts came to mind but one thing that struck me was finding happiness within myself. It can be very tough when you are in the situation that I am in as a graduate finding his first job, but if you are yourself and not pretending to be someone else, it makes the process all the more easier.

What I have found over the past few years is it’s perfectly fine to change aspects of your life that otherwise need to be put to rest. For example, it took years for me to stop playing video games but I have found fitness and data visualisation as my new hobbies. Life is often a balance of family, work and the things you enjoy so its important that you find a good medium that keeps you sane every day.

I have found that with the way I spend money now, its important that my investments reap long-term rewards. As a long-distance traveller who regularly commutes on buses and trains, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on what I spend otherwise those systems I have developed will collapse and my happiness will turn into a spiral of self-destruction which undoes the years of hard work put to be where I am today.

The key is to recognise that you are responsible for your success and by being yourself, happiness will come naturally. Being a positive, helpful and genuine person is something I find pleasure in terms of giving something back whether if it’s my friends, journalism or the Tableau community.  Whether if it’s mastering a new skill, I want to share that knowledge with my support network so they can become masters of their profession.

At this stage of my life at 21-years-old, there are infinite opportunities for me once I secure a graduate job to create a career in the media and analytics industries. There are times when the going gets tough, but you find the motivation and keep applying your craft in a positive and happy manner because when that foot in the door is secured, career progression becomes much easier.

Whilst I have other projects lined up, writing a journal about my travelling is something I will look into very soon. Of course, there will be my regular involvement in the Tableau community, as well as finding stories to report on as a journalist. The most important thing is that I am being myself when approaching new, exciting challenges ahead of me in the next few years as my career takes shape.

As the Irish author Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

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