Let Me Entertain You – A Robbie Williams Viz

If one viz was not enough on a Sunday, then I thought “Why not do another?” That’s exactly what I did and as its nearly coming up to the 20th anniversary of Robbie Williams’ debut album “Life thru a Lens”, this was only fitting enough to do a viz on an artist that has entertained my generation.

Similar to the Suede viz, preparing the dataset was straightforward as it was a simple table wrangle from Wikipedia onto a separate Excel spreadsheet. Then it was the small matter of organising the data so it all made sense which data I wanted to visualise in Tableau on my dashboard.

As I loved the inclusion of a timeline chart in my previous viz, it was a no brainer to keep the viz as simple as possible. By having two timeline charts for the albums and tours, it made for an interesting analysis. Who knew that Robbie is always touring whenever a new album is released that year!

Initially, I wanted to do a lollipop chart detailing his Top 10 Singles in the UK Singles Charts, but I thought that having his seven Number 1 singles would be more appealing than looking at all his Top 10 hits. Again, retaining the simple story angle I intended to have in my viz.

In terms of the colours, I wanted to focus on just a blue and grey palette as it would retain the simplicity which was intended within piecing the dashboard together. As he has universal value within the music industry, this viz would be targeted at executives, as well as fans who enjoy Robbie’s music.

I’m happy with how it’s turned out in the end. I’m definitely looking to do more musical vizzes in the next few weeks. Here is the final viz, which you can view on my Tableau Public profile by clicking the image below:

Robbie Williams

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