The Beautiful Ones – Visualising Suede from 1989 – present

It’s been a few weeks since I last did a viz, and whilst I have been very much on and off in Tableau. As the job hunt continues, it very much remains an intention to keep sharpening and practising my data visualisation skills, which is important if I want to build a career as a Data Analyst.

Today, I knew I had another music viz in mind and I was torn between Hanson, The Verve and Suede. I weighed up the pros and cons, but I knew that Suede was the perfect subject to focus on. As they are one of my favourite 90’s bands, it was the ideal starting point to getting back to a good dataviz routine.

Getting the data and wrangling it was extremely simple in Excel as Wikipedia had a table of data for Suede that I could easily wrangle from. The whole took less than an hour which amazed me because my previous datasets would have taken me hours to clean.

Once the dataset was ready, I drew out a rough sketch of my viz. With the Thin Lizzy viz I did a couple of weeks ago, I was happy with how it turned out, but I thought why not try something different to visualise Suede’s album timeline. I googled timeline charts in Tableau and Ryan Sleeper’s blog post came up.

Ryan’s straightforward way of making a timeline chart was straight-to-the-point which went through the process step-by-step and I had no issues figuring out making my own timeline in Tableau. The gantt and lollipop charts were second nature to me as they took a matter of minutes to create before piecing it altogether into a dashboard.

Here’s my final Suede viz which you can view on my Tableau Public profile by clicking the image below:


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