The Boys are Back in Town – A History of Thin Lizzy

Since one Thin Lizzy article was not enough, I decided to use all the creativity I have at the moment to create a dashboard on the history of the band based in Dublin, Ireland. In all honesty, this was an idea that I wanted to execute for a while as I had a dataset prepared several months ago, but I had the idea of doing a dashboard on this subject now.

As it was a few days ago that their original frontman Phil Lynott would have been celebrated his 68th birthday on Sunday 20th August 2017, it seemed fitting that a dashboard on the history of Thin Lizzy was the ideal route to take for me so I wrangled some difficult data from Wikipedia onto an Excel spreadsheet and I was away!

Once the dataset had been clearly labelled and organised in Excel, I went to my old friend Tableau and started to viz my creation. Gantt charts were something I wanted to use as I had not used them since I revised my visual CV a month ago, this was the best visualisation to use for visualising three incarnations of Thin Lizzy in terms of the band members joining and leaving the band since 1969-2017.

This gave me an ideal platform to work with and then with the album and charted singles vizzes, I went to my trusty lollipop charts to visualise the album and singles chart numbers. One of the problems I had with the Thin Lizzy data was that some of their albums and singles in the UK did not chart at the time which meant I had to rethink how I could tell those charts in a functional dashboard.

Overcoming that slight hurdle was quite straightforward as it allowed me to get onto creating the dashboard. The dashboard layout I had in mind as I sketched it first came to life as I pieced everything together whilst adding some additional background information about the band to give my audience some context as most of my audience would have never heard of Thin Lizzy except for their well-known anthem The Boys are Back in Town.

Here’s the finished dashboard on the history of Thin Lizzy, completed and created in Tableau. You can view the visualisation on my Tableau Public profile by clicking the picture below.

Thin Lizzy

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