Figuring out my own rags to riches story

It can be a very tough predicament being a recent graduate coming out with an Upper Second Class Honours degree in Media and Communication (Journalism) at Birmingham City University and not finding that first graduate job like I have in July 2017.

The networks you have built throughout college and university and you are hitting brick wall after brick wall. Suddenly your confidence spirals into oblivion, and whilst that has not happened to me just yet, that is to say I will not give up on that dream just yet but one conversation yesterday changed everything.

On a beautiful Friday morning in Rubery, West Midlands with my best friend Libby, walking her dog around the area, we discussed about how difficult it was in securing jobs. I found it very fascinating how our struggles in finding jobs to this point led to us taking alternative paths to get to our dream jobs. But that’s just the start of this wide-ranging discussion.

After walking the dog, I immediately get some advice from Libby’s mum on what to do with my career as I was frustrated with my persistence and patience not paying off the way I wanted it with my job hunt. Her advice was to get any job so I could extend those connections further beyond the ones I had so I could get essential experience of the workplace to get that vital foot in the door.

At first, I felt a little apprehensive as someone with Asperger’s would not deviate from their original career path, but as the advice came with time, it all started to make so much sense to me. I liked the idea of a rags to riches story where I would get out of the inner city area of Birmingham I lived in all my life to conquer the world.

If Dwayne Johnson had $7 bucks in his pocket in 1995 and then became the biggest box-office actor in the world in 2017, then why cannot I use my Asperger’s to change the world 5, 10, 15 or 20 years down the line as a billionaire? Of course it would take a tonne of persistence and dedication to get there but the rewards would be far greater if I did not stick to my original plan of working as a Journalist or Media Worker.

So after some brainstorming of my career plans, it all started to make sense of the career paths and routes I wanted to take. Whilst I wrote down my three dream jobs, I started to formulate a plan of those three career routes and see where it would take me long-term.

I am not a stickler for complacency or standing still so once I formulated those plans, I looked at what drives me as an individual and passion. As I am passionate about many hobbies and interests such as motorsport, music, fitness, analytics, Tableau and so much more, the dots slowly started to connect together.


This conversation with Libby and her mum has added a new-found confidence in me because I know I’m ready to put even more hard work and dedication towards achieving my dream job. It’s a small matter of now putting these plans into action and changing them if they don’t align with my goals.

It’s perfectly okay if things don’t work out first time, so long as you try 150% whether that is a new skill or interest, that is all that matters to me. Life is all about finding and learning from new and previous experiences.

The road is hard, but I’m ready to take those rags and turn them into riches!

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