Makeover Monday Week 32 – Usable Girls Toilets in India

As I have been on and off with Makeover Monday recently due to me having to prepare for job interviews as that elusive first graduate job comes ever closer. I have found some time today to slip in my Week 32 entry on broken toilets in India.

Since the dataset I had worked with came from the Annual Status of Education Report, I immediately got to grips with finding a potential story that I could tell with the data I was provided with. As I fired up the data onto Tableau Public, I knew that there was the possibility of creating a map-based visualisation, but I had other ideas!

My goals for Makeover Monday Week 32:

  • Avoid using maps as it was very easy for me to go for a map which would result in a poor quality visualisation.
  • Be very clear about what you are trying to convey in the visualisation, don’t misinterpret subtractions for analysis!
  • Continue to use colour sparingly as I did in my Week 30 Makeover Monday entry and keep it simple!

I was intrigued by the percentage of usable toilets in India for Indian girls in the top 5 states so it was ideal for me to compare the 2014 and 2016 data. As with my Week 30 entry, I kept to the humble bar chart as I did not want to make my comparison visualisation difficult to understand for my audience. If the process is not broke, then it’s not worth fixing or making a viz complicated.

Here is my Makeover Monday Week 32 entry, which you can view on Tableau Public by clicking on the picture below.

Indian Girls Usable Toilets

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