Finding inspiration in weird places – Hanson’s MMMBop

There is always that one song that has a meaningful theme in your life. When you are finding motivation and suddenly Hanson‘s MMMBop plays on the subwoofers, it makes you wonder that inspiration can be found in weird places which is what I found when I played MMMBop half a dozen times last night.

I knew I had heard the song a few weeks ago when I was celebrating a five-year friendship anniversary with a friend, but I did not know what the track name was. It was not until a few weeks later that I knew it was MMMBop, everything started to make sense immediately and the song I was dancing and trying to sing the words to all became much clearer to me.

From reading a few sources about the track itself, it had a much darker meaning than I originally thought. After listening to the song time after time again, I knew that Hanson were discussing themes of relationships and how you could lose one or two friendships whilst maintaining close contact with the people who inspire you. In life, you can lose the people unexpectedly but by staying true to yourself, you can find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.

It’s important to realise that whilst I do use the phrase “friends” a little too loosely, MMMBop has made me question my definition of what makes a friendship and relationship work. The chorus of the song has a much richer meaning and inspiration than I originally imagined which is interesting considering the fact it is one of the most well-known tracks of the 1990s from their debut album Middle of Nowhere.

Whilst Hanson hit stardom with this track in their teenage years, I never thought at 21-years-old I would be going into detail with MMMBop. As someone who finds musical inspiration with Suede, Thin Lizzy, The Killers and Kylie Minogue, it was weird that Hanson were so inspiring to listen to even if it was the track that propelled them to the world stage.

That is the absolute beauty of music itself in terms of discovering something you were too young to listen to (I was only a year old in 1997!). Whilst I still listen to my usual rock n’ roll, it’s fascinating to hear about music I had never taken seriously and analyse it in ways I would have never imagined before. If I had ever told you that I had written a blog post about Hanson today, I would have been laughing in my sleep until now!

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