Getting outside that comfort zone

When I look back at my achievements, there’s always one thing that I look at and that is my comfort zone (or lack of it). It’s fair to say over the past few years, I have gone way outside of my comfort zone like never before and in many respects it has helped me become the person and professional I am today.

Since graduating from Birmingham City University two weeks’ ago, it made me wonder why I do what I love which is journalism. It’s a difficult balance to strike as I have been practising my craft as a Freelance Journalist for the past four years as I add new tools to my repertoire. With that said, I have had to go outside my comfort zone many times to pursue my goals and achievements.

It would have been easy for me to sit at home and procrastinate, but if I did not explore Longbridge, Rednal and Rubery, I would not have had the experience of facing my fear of dogs head on. Facing a childhood fear of pets was very difficult but the more I was accustomed to being around dogs and cats, the more I was used to being around pets and the calming effect they had on me.

Professionally, exploring areas such as data have been tough considering my first venture into university as I wanted to be a Motorsport Journalist. Having completed three years of my degree at BCU, doing a multitude of activities and projects have helped me grow into the Journalist and Media Professional I am today. I still practice multimedia and mobile journalism, as well as data as its important to keep sharpening those tools as that first job becomes a reality.

When you are applying for jobs as a graduate, it can be easy to find a comfort zone and stick to it. I have not bothered with having a comfort zone because you need to be open to whatever opportunities come your way whether that is in content creation or in emerging industries such as data/analytics and virtual reality/augmented reality. You have to be open to how the industry you’re applying your trade in is changing in terms of trends and skills.

If there is one bit of advice I would say to anyone pursuing their own career, that is always be open to new opportunities and try new things. I never expected I would enjoy using Tableau so much to generate data visualisations and dashboards, but eight months on, I still use it but I don’t forget my main craft is journalism. It’s all about using the tools in hand to make your products stand out to industry professionals and employers.

Picture Credited to SelectOne.

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