Staying cool, calm and collected under pressure

To sum up last week was anything but crazy to say the least. My website breaking the over 1k views barrier yesterday was an amazing achievement to graduating from Birmingham City University last Monday. It was a week of celebration, but how do I manage to stay cool, calm and collected under pressure?

Being patient and understanding

It’s something I have worked on throughout my life and I still learn more about how I can be a more patient, understanding person and friend.

I have to admit, when I was young, I lacked patience which was not ideal but as time has gone on, my personal development towards patience has increased hugely to the point that I can understand what kind of problems my friends and peers are facing.

By talking and engaging in many wide-ranging conversations, it has helped me to understand it is important to hear their viewpoint and understand the situation they are going through. All it takes a conversation to make someone’s day and it’s the most beautiful thing seeing someone’s face turning from sadness to happiness.

Don’t rush things, take your time and breathe

This is also something I used to struggle with in the past and I must admit I do not struggle with having to rush things as much as I did 10 years ago.

I have been building my brand in terms of my media and analytics profile for a couple of years and it’s been tough to say the least when you are trying so hard to find your first job. It can be so easy to rush through things with little thought.

By taking your time and letting things happen organically is the best option than going at 100mph. This means you can progress at your own pace than having to go at breakneck speed every day.

Celebrate, even if it means having fish and chips!

Whilst I am at times a workaholic, I have started to celebrate more in terms of small achievements. In the past, if I did well in something, I would continue to work even further to the point of exhaustion.

Now, if I am celebrating something whether that is a job interview or beating a personal best time in my 5k runs, I celebrate with a portion of dark chocolate or fish and chips because they are a few of my favourite things in the world I enjoy eating.

It’s important to realise that a little celebration will only aid you in terms of the success you are creating, but at the same time working to the point of no return is not a productive formula for success. Work hard, play harder!

That is how I stay cool, calm and collected under pressure. I must say it’s taken me years to get to where I am today. It’s not been easy having Asperger’s Syndrome but to be honest, its helped me get so far in my career. Those coping mechanisms of running, fitness and having a supportive network of friends have made me the person I am today.

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