Makeover Monday Week 30 – Nuts v. Chicken meat

It has been a very busy few weeks hence the lack of Makeover Monday activity from me and quite rightly. Officially graduating from Birmingham City University on Monday was a real highlight in my life and whilst I’m going back to my journalism roots, it does not hurt to get a Makeover Monday in today.

This was an interesting dataset to work with this week as it looked at water footprint for food production. As I had no intentions whatsoever to create an extremely complicated viz due to the time constraints I had, I wanted to make sure I got my viz done in an hour and told a simple, effective story.

My aims for this week’s Makeover Monday:

  • Keep it simple, do not overcomplicate the process or overthink the use of charts.
  • Use colour sparingly and help it make an impact in the visualisation rather than overpower the user.
  • Do the viz in an hour as I am pressed for time at the moment.

Here is the original viz, created by Statista before it got a Makeover from me.

Original MM viz WK30

Now, here’s my Makeover of this original chart I created in Tableau Public. You can check out the full, interactive version on my Tableau Public profile below. Thank you to Eva Murray and Colin Wojtowycz for the feedback and iterations as it has helped make this viz clearer!

Nuts and chicken iterated

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