Makeover Monday Week 26 – Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

After a week off from Makeover Monday due to my endless search to find my first graduate job, I have now Graduated from Birmingham City University with a solid 2:1 degree in BA (Hons) – Media and Communication (Journalism). The perfect start to a week that has been full of positives and learning curves that I will take going forward.

This week’s Makeover Monday was another car dataset, provided by Eva Murray, which played to my strengths as I love working with car data. It was important that with this week’s entry that I iterated my viz as much as possible and got feedback on how to improve my viz.

One of the things I have wanted to work on is my ability to iterate and improve my vizzes. Whilst I may have not had as much time to work on previous Makeover Monday entries to make them better, this week was a perfect opportunity to put that right.


  • Experiment with designing functional vizzes whilst creating it around the story and insights I am finding with the data.
  • Be bold and ambitious with the concept of the viz (i.e. not looking at other people’s vizzes for inspiration)
  • Focus on using colour sparingly to give the viz some impact to the user without overpowering my audience.

My first two iterations of my Makeover Monday entry this week, I wanted to focus my viz around the design concept of a video game interface (e.g. Gran Turismo). By having a television screen as the main focus of my viz, it would pull the audience into looking into the trends of passenger car production and truck production.

German Car Production

My first iteration of my Makeover Monday Week 26 entry.

German Car Production (1)

The second iteration for my Makeover Monday entry for Week 26.

Immediately, when I posted the viz onto Twitter, Eva posted some feedback to me in this tweet:

It was an excellent point because in hindsight, the screen image made the analysis hard to navigate around the viz. What I did was for my final iteration was remove the image and focus purely on the story from the visualisation. Also, I wanted to have one solid colour for my line chart, which would strip away any unnecessary use of different shades of one colour to produce this viz.

Thank you to Colin, Eva and David for their feedback in making my Makeover Monday Week 26 entry as good as it can be. Here is the final viz which you can view on Tableau Public by clicking the picture below.

German Car Production (2)

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