The importance of feedback

As someone who has finished their media degree at Birmingham City University, I have recognised the importance of feedback not just on my course, but in the interests I pursue in my everyday life.

Having constructive criticism in the work I produce only helps to develop myself to become a better worker but you could also apply it to friendships too. Feedback is such an important tool in terms of personal development.

Why talk about feedback and its importance?

It’s quite interesting because for one of my Makeover Monday entries this week which is on my website, I had received a surprise text on my phone from Pablo Gomez of Points of Viz and he gave me some really great feedback to improve my Makeover Monday entry.

Pablo was really supportive and the detailed feedback I had improved my viz considerably. I also had some feedback from Paul Bradshaw of the Online Journalism Blog in terms of using the right number formats when looking at youth employment by percentages rather than whole numbers in Tableau.

The Tableau and data visualisation community are excellent in terms of giving feedback on social media which ensures that every visualisation you create and publish on Tableau Public, you can improve and iterate before you have a finished product.

Never stand still for improvement, particularly friendships

I must admit, I am someone who never stands still and is always improving to become a better journalist, data analyst and so forth. because It is important to have an agile range of skills, particularly in the media industry so that you can adapt to various jobs seamlessly.

This also applies to my friendships too because as a perfectionist, I want to become a friend that can change one person’s life by doing a lot of nice things whilst giving constructive feedback and setting myself goals to help that friend achieve their goals. In the past, I used to have very little friends compared to the present where I have quite a handful of close friends but never a huge amount. I have always believed having a handul of exceptional friends is better than having a huge quantity of acquaintances who drift in and out at times.

Having that feedback in my assignments, Makeover Monday entries and the work I produce is so important for me in terms of setting myself goals to achieve in the next 2, 5 and 10 years of my career. Also, having feedback from my friends in terms of finding those improvements can only help me to transition from a good friend to a truly exceptional friend.

Feedback can work both ways and it has helped me so much during my time at university and the experience I have gathered as a journalist. I would definitely recommend to everyone to get some feedback for something no matter how big or small the comments are, it will only help you to become a better person.

Picture Credited to Pickevents.

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