Let’s start Tableau Tipping on YouTube!

This is some news I wanted to share with you all for a while after taking up Tableau on the first day of 2017. The post will be relatively short but to-the-point as I want to share this piece of news with you all.

It has been something I have thought about for a while and after blogging a lot about my data visualisation experiences, I wanted to give my YouTube channel some tender loving care again and start to share some of my Tableau Tips on my own YouTube Channel.

As I have finished my degree at Birmingham City University, it was a no brainer to start sharing my experiences of Tableau to the community through my YouTube channel. The focus of these videos will be focused around various subject areas such as best practices, working with different types of data and the do’s and don’ts of using certain charts in dashboards and visualisations.

It’s all about sharing my Tableau knowledge with you and ensuring that if you are learning Tableau or enhancing your knowledge of the software that you do not make the same mistakes I made when I first started learning Tableau in January this year.

I am super excited to share this news with you all and if you have any suggestions in mind for any videos you want me to do in Tableau and dataviz, please drop your suggestions in the comments section.

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