Makeover Monday Week 19 – Hatchbacks or Sedans? Analysing Dutch car purchases

This week’s Makeover Monday took us back to mainland Europe as the dataset challenged me to look at Dutch car purchases. As cars and data go hand-in-hand in terms of my overall interests, this dataset was right up my street in terms of the subject matter.

Working with big datasets is relatively new to me, but I found so many stories with the data that I could tell in my visualisation. But the story that caught my eye was the catalogue price of both hatchbacks and sedans (British for saloons).

I must admit, working with a huge dataset really challenged my ability to generate a simple visualisation, but I am proud of giving the dataset a go for Makeover Monday and trying to produce something with the dataset I had. As I start to become more comfortable with huge datasets, I can start to show what I am capable of in Tableau when generating data visualisations from rows of spreadsheets or from Tableau data extracts.

Hatchbacks v. Sedans - What's the average catalogue price for those types of cars in the Netherlands-

Whilst this was the viz I did in this first iteration, Neil Richards gave me some feedback on my first attempt. He immediately spotted that my figures did not add up to the charts I was showing on my viz and that’s where I had fallen down. So I did a sense check and made sure that the items I had in my charts did make sense by picking the right models for the cars I wanted.

Here’s the final Makeover I did below by clicking on the picture to get the interactive version of my viz in Tableau Public.

Hatchbacks v. Sedans - What's the catalogue price for those type of cars in the Netherlands-

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