Makeover Monday: Week 18: Let’s hop on a Sydney Ferry!

To be honest, this last month has been extremely busy with finishing and handing in my dissertation and project so I have not been vizzing a lot as of late. Hopefully, I can redeem myself for a lost month of vizzing with this week’s Makeover Monday.

As Eva Murray was in Australia, the visualisation that I had to rework was on Sydney Ferry data, which was quite interesting considering I have never been halfway around the world. So it was going to take some getting used to vizzing regularly again in Tableau after finishing my degree.

I looked at the original visualisation that was created by the Transport for New South Wales. Here’s my take on it.

Card Type

What I like

  • Incredibly detailed and gives a lot of information on the categories that use the ferry in the Sydney area.
  • The use of Tableau in this viz is great as everything is laid out nice and easy for the user.

What I don’t like

  • The colour scheme is unimaginative and it seems to have used the default Tableau colours which do not add any context to the story. Maybe use a different colour scheme to tell the story.
  • Get rid of the stacked bar charts as I cannot understand what the data is telling me in that chart. As well, maybe focus on a story angle and base the viz around the story using appropriate charts.

Here’s what I did when I reworked the original viz in Tableau Public.

Sydney's Ferry Patronage 1st

In the first iteration of this viz, I wanted to work on a simple but clean mobile design that would allow the user who catches the ferry to view this on an iPhone. Immediately, the feedback was that the colour scheme did not make sense as they did not add any context to the story.

I went back and iterated my viz, whilst putting some text to prompt the user to click on a button to highlight a ferry route. I also removed the multiple green colour scheme in the category bar chart and added one shade of green in the bar chart. This made it a lot clearer to identify the story I was telling with the viz rather than adding different shades of green that added no context to the viz.

Here’s my final iterated entry of Makeover Monday Week 18 if you click on the viz below to view in Tableau Public.

Sydney's Ferry Patronage (1)

Pictures credited to

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