Why have I not been vizzing lately?

I will keep this short and sweet, but you’re wondering “Why have I not been vizzing lately?” Chances are that I have had to focus on finishing my degree and completing two mammoth assignments which were the dissertation and production project so any chances of fitting a Makeover Monday around those massive pieces of work was next to impossible.

This has also given me some time to reflect on my vizzes so far in Tableau Public and seeing the progress in four months of using Tableau has shown that I am here to stay with data visualisation as I have been with data journalism for the last two years. Its been at times difficult the learning curve, but I have enjoyed the challenge of using Tableau to generate more powerful data visualisations in comparison to Infogram.

On reflection with this break, it has given me a renewed sense of ambition and ability to go further outside my comfort zone to do better Makeover Monday entries, as well as continue to refine and develop my dataviz and data storytelling skills in Tableau. Speaking with people in the Tableau community on social media has helped me to understand that iterating and getting feedback on your vizzes is a wonderful thing and you should never stand still when making good data visualisations.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Makeover Monday blog post this week on Sydney ferry patronage data. I will be blogging more about my Makeover Monday entries from now on so its a regular occurrence on my website every Monday.

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