Keeping your very best friends close

I must admit, when I was young, I was not very good at keeping my friends in close contact. Maybe it was because it took a while to get in touch after school and college. Now, with the things I have been on over the last five years, I have cracked the secret towards keeping my very best friends close.

Knowing who your best friends are

Right now as I’m nearing the end of my three years at Birmingham City University, I have come across a lot of people from all sorts of backgrounds. But, it was not until the start of my final year that I realised who my best friends were.

Looking back at my social media and I could say that through the many people I met, there have been some standout people who I’m proud to say are my best and closest friends. They know when to speak to me if I need support and I know when to give support when they need it the most.

It’s all about remembering the good and bad times and seeing how far the friendship has come to the point where you can keep that friendship going for a while.

Appreciating the different qualities of a friend

This is something I really value in a friendship and that’s looking at the different qualities of a friend. I must admit, I like having people who are my friends that have very unusual or similar interests as it helps me to understand the person in a much better way.

I have been quite lucky in my time at Birmingham City University and outside of university to meet some extraordinary friends, seeing how far they have come to achieve their goals and ambitions. When I see what my friends are achieving, its so rewarding to see how far they have come on that journey to achieve the things they are doing, it’s incredible stuff.

Maintaining those friendships

It’s something I struggled on in the past, but I have managed to work on maintaining my friendships with my very close friends. I’m always very interested to see how the friendship has progressed and the ways in which I have helped that person out, as well as how they’ve helped me out in my career and life.

Friendship is a two-way street, it has to work both ways and what I have managed to do is maintain this ethos throughout my time at university and outside of education. A text or a phone call can really help to brighten a close friend’s day.

The best friendships in my opinion are the ones that after a few months of not seeing a friend, nothing has changed and everything is just the way it was. I can count my close friends on two hands and it’s the way I like it when I go into work or my personal life.

That’s how I keep my best friends close in my university, work and personal life, but I would love to hear on how you keep your best friends close when the going gets though. It would be interesting to hear the ways in which you can stay close with your best friends.

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