Makeover Monday Week 7 – Romance is in the air, Valentine’s Day style

It’s been a week since I had taken part in my last Makeover Monday entry, so it took some getting used to again as I spent the whole of last week working on my Data School 6 Application. However, it did give me a lot of food for thought coming into this week as this week’s dataset was a Valentine’s Day special.

As it took nearly three hours to organise the dataset (remind myself to always organise my data before making the viz), I immediately got stuck into Tableau and gave the original visualisation a makeover. Here is my initial feedback on my visualisation I created yesterday for Makeover Monday.


What I like about it:

  • Clearly laid out from previous Makeover Monday entries I have done in the past.
  • Colour scheme fits in nicely for the Valentine’s Day theme.
  • Use of interactive drop-down filters as buttons to look at different rates of spending both from a minimum and maximum spend of Valentine’s Day spending in the US.

What I don’t like about it:

  • I could have used other visualisations other than a barcode chart and lollipop chart to illustrate this visualisation more appropriately.
  • The visualisation still looks as if it was done without any proper planning and thought as with previous Makeover Mondays.
  • Understand the data in more detail in order to make the visualisation relevant to my subject matter.

Feeding forward, I have made some improvements in Tableau in regards to creating different visualisations and designing data dashboards. This is because I need to make my dashboards more pleasing on the eye, which has been a problem in previous dashboards I have created in Tableau. Although I have improved design-wise, I stumbled across a tweet from Eva Murray, one half of Makeover Monday and TriMyData on how to design your viz on paper, which will be useful in later weeks of designing vizzes. It’s also a pretty cool video too!

I also need to think about the visualisations I can use for the dataset I have because in previous weeks, I haven’t thought a lot about the appropriateness of the visualisation I would be using for my dashboard. So by designing my dashboards on paper in future, I can now work on something that can be designed as a concept before I do the real thing in Tableau.

Hopefully, I can build and improve on the previous Makeover Mondays I’ve entered. Eva’s tweet has definitely helped me out in terms of realising that you need to design your dashboards before doing anything in Tableau. This Monday will be a 21st birthday-themed Makeover Monday and I’m looking forward to what dataset the Makeover Monday team have up their sleeve!

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