What my past few weeks with Tableau has taught me

Happy New Year everyone! I thought as it was the start to the New Year that I would teach myself something that would come in handy and that is Tableau! On the first day of 2017, I set apart learning the data analysis software that I stumbled across at the end of 2016 through a contact I knew to which I thought “I really want to try Tableau”.

And I did embark on my Tableau journey. In the past few weeks of learning Tableau, I’ve acquitted myself very quickly to using the software, which was a surprise in itself because I was expecting Tableau at first to be very complicated. Once I got into the swing of things, it made my past data vizzes using different software a thing of the past.

In the past few weeks of using Tableau, it’s made me realise that to continue my Tableau development, I need to be up-to-date with the community in general. So here are my five points I’ve set myself to harness my potential with Tableau.

  • Start engaging and listening to the Tableau Community on social media and online forums, as it will help me to get better with my vizzes I publish on Tableau Public.
  • Makeover Monday – I cannot stress how important this is for me as a Tableau beginner to get into good habits and Makeover Monday is one of them. Making a viz in an hour using a dataset on the Makeover Monday website is something I will need to do in order to continue my development, as well as have a bit of fun making the viz.
  • Utilise the video tutorials on YouTube and Tableau as I can build on the skills I already have learned so far. 
  • Working with different datasets and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.
  • Don’t panic! It’s okay to make mistakes as a beginner, always ask if you need help with a problem whether that’s visualising the data or cleaning the dataset.

I’m hoping to make Tableau a weekly feature on my professional website as I’m applying for The Information Lab’s Data School 6 in March. One of my motivations for this is to show my progression with Tableau and see how my published vizzes improve with each week and month gone by.

Since I’m a data journalist that’s looking to go into data analytics, a weekly article will help me to gather my thoughts and see the improvements being made with each viz I create and publish on Tableau Public.

Feel free to check out my recent vizzes on Tableau Public here.

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