EXPLAINER: How much does Birmingham City Council and Amey pay for roadwork expenditure?

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In 2010, Birmingham City Council signed a deal with Amey to carry out highway maintenance and management services in Birmingham for 25 years. The deal is worked through a private finance initiative (PFI), but how much does the Council pay Amey for roadwork expenditure per year?

How much does Birmingham City Council actually pay Amey for highway maintenance and management services?

Currently the Council pays Amey £87 million a year, but the payment cannot separate individual schemes, areas or services. Under the current contract, Birmingham City Council pay a single annual unitary charge payment to allow Amey to “manage and maintain” all highway-related assets.

Where does the investment Amey make go toward maintaining Birmingham’s highways?

On their website, Amey have said in their 25-year deal that in the first five years of the contract, they have invested £350 million in making improvements of Birmingham’s highways network. This involves maintaining and managing 2,500km of roads, 4,200km of footways, 95,000 street lights to name but a few in the extensive list of services the company runs with the council.

Getting the data: What was the highest number of roadwork maintenance schemes run by Amey and Birmingham City Council during 2013 – 2015?

From a Freedom of Information Act Request, footways had the highest number of maintenance schemes with 1,112 during this period. Carriageways was second-highest for maintenance schemes with 208, and street lighting and highway improvement were third and fourth respectively with 156 and 41 schemes carried out.

However, if you look at the mentioned schemes carried out by Amey, carriageways had during 2013 – 2015 over 4,030 days that had overrun their predicted end date. Footways were next with 3,108 days, Highway Improvement had 2,408 overran days. Finally, street lighting had 1,526 days that were overrun, which means carriageway schemes are more likely to overrun than footways, highways and street lighting.

Amey refused to comment.

If you want to see the full infographic, find out more here.

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