Back on the tennis court, kind of…..

It’s fair to say when you make a massive change by abandoning all the PlayStation consoles you’ve amassed as a child and teenager to getting on the tennis court and hitting tennis balls at all sorts of angles, it all starts to make sense how these changes have changed my philosophy of life.

I’m currently in the last lap of second year and I have a lot of deadlines to get done, so by having the Easter weekend off, its given me some serious thought about how to tackle these deadlines head on without burning out. Also, my nose has given me some serious problems, which has halted progress on my road to getting them done. However, I haven’t let that cold get into my mind, or even stop me from doing the things I enjoy.

Yesterday afternoon was full of disappointment as things started to go from bad to worse in an instant. What was supposed to be my first tennis session in 18 months, with my new coach was pushed back to this-coming Friday at Cannon Hill Park for 5-6pm. These things happen and neither parties were at fault. All that excitement building up inside of me was washed away in a sea of disappointment.

However, it’s taught me that disappointment is only temporary as it’s given me an added motivation to train even harder in the gym and on every single element of my tennis game. For every short-term pain I have, the long-term benefits are definitely worth every minute of it. Yes, I may have my uni work to do in the day, but tennis and the gym give me a chance to release any stress that has built up inside of me these last few weeks.

You can always find a positive from a negative and definitely by making some life-changing decisions, yes, it’s going to be hard at first, but in the end, someone ends up winning big.

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