Consistency is key, but being happy is another

A very late Happy New Year to you all! If you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging much recently and that is having a month off to completely recharge the batteries, ready for the second semester of second year. However, the month off has given me time to reflect on what has been a brilliant 2015 for me and how 2016 will be even better than last year. Here’s my tips for being happy, whilst continuing to work hard.

Making work fun and less stressful

One of my main areas that I have been working on for 2015 is trying to see work as a hobby, and less of a chore. As a journalist and a media professional, its very easy to see your work become a chore if you’re not enjoying yourself and putting the effort into something you don’t want to write about.

What I’ve managed to do is take my work in the same amount of seriousness as I do with my content, but have fun in the process. If you’re enjoying what you’re writing about, it becomes so much easier to get an article that is at a good standard. It’s the same with making a website, audio slideshow or a news report, treat your work as a hobby, not a job.

Opening up to new people and making more friends

I struggled with this at secondary school and college, but in a university environment, it has brought the best of me when it comes to making friends that I’ll keep with me forever. I have so many friends now that I pretty much catch-up with on a regular basis!

Second year was a real coming-of-age moment where I managed to speak with lots of different people at BCU, who were doing different courses, which opened my eyes up to new opportunities. Being with Media students is always nice, but seeing in particular people who were doing Fashion Business, English Literature, Accounting and Criminology made me feel as if I was part of the BCU student community.

Maybe, they could be my friends for life, I don’t know! Never say never!

Being myself again

When you’re at university, you’re expected to do a huge amount of work, whether that’s assignments, assessments or exams, there’s not a lot of room in terms of free time, but making that free time was very hard for me in first year. However, in second year, I’ve struck the sweet spot.

The key I’ve found is I was never a guy that used to go out at night, until I went to my first roller disco last December, which was fun and painful at the same time, but I got out of the pain barrier in no time! Then Berlin over a week ago was great fun in getting to know the Scratch crew in more depth was a great moment in cementing my friendship with BCUSU’s student media group.

However, I’ve also found that if I didn’t try to be something I’m not, I could learn to love the things and hobbies I enjoy the most without trying too hard to be in the crowd. That’s why the month off was crucial to find myself again and I could have not been in a happier place today because of it!

2016 is definitely shaping up to be a brilliant year for me. Even better than 2015? That remains to be answered as I have found consistency and happiness at the right time. I just need to continue the wave of momentum which will propel me to greater heights!

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