Thinking positively and clearly

The last couple of days at uni have been really tough, and its down to a number of factors. But, its never ceased me to think positively and clearly about the thing I love doing the most and that’s finding stories and writing academically. However, why should I be thinking positively when my confidence is at my lowest?

It goes without saying that I have the best support network around me (family, friends and lecturers at the Birmingham School of Media) and whenever I was at my lowest, they would be there if I needed them. One of my biggest weaknesses is I’m afraid of asking people how I feel and that’s because as humans, we don’t like opening yourselves up for attack. So we put ourselves in a box.

The idea is as Aspies is the fact that we tend to be persistent workaholics and criticism can be hard to take in. It can leave us extremely stressed, depressed and mentally broken. So what do we do next? I’ve always found speaking to someone to be the best way of dealing with stress and finding out a plan to work on. I try to find out what the problem is and then work on it.


The best solution I’ve found is whenever I’m working so hard or have a lot going on is to take one thing at a time. It is tough as a journalist, but I always find focusing on two or three things is better than focusing on four or five.

That way you can spread the load without overloading your stimuli. With Asperger’s, if you senses are overloaded, the best thing to do is I use a method called SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievement, Realistic, Target), that way I can work on the things I need to do.

Whilst I haven’t had the best few days, I have learned that you have to take criticism positively, not negatively. No matter if you’re in academia or in the workplace, criticism is a part of life and you don’t always have to be in a rush to get stuff done. Work at your own pace and everything will fall naturally.

This leads me onto my new project which I’ll be launching this week, which will hope to see what a normal day is like for someone with Asperger’s. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but with so much going on, I hope to get it launched for you all.

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