THROWBACK: Scratch at Silverstone: My thoughts

Usually it’s not very often that a dream has come true for me, but yesterday was one of those days as I made my first trip to Silverstone with The Scratch as Sports Editor to the Northamptonshire circuit. It was definitely a first impression that left a lasting legacy in my career thus far.

As I made my way into Silverstone in the morning with my Editor in Chief Lisa, we immediately went into the Media Office and got us our wristbands and souvenirs for the day! As we were going for just the one day, it was a very exciting moment for the magazine and myself as we were treated for the day an array of classic cars from the past.

What really excited me about the day (other than the company cars driving me around!) was how diverse the range of engine-based cars there were. In the first 40min when my other colleague and best friend Jack arrived was the Williams Heritage stand, where I managed to meet Dickie Stanford and Jonathan Williams, who manage the department. I was amazed by how friendly they were in approaching us and managed to bag an interview! Good going!

The FW17, which took Damon Hill and David Coulthard to four victories in 1995.

The FW17, which took Damon Hill and David Coulthard to four victories in 1995.

Then the major highlight (here goes my inner fandom) was seeing Ayrton Senna’s 1988 McLaren Honda replica overalls, which were amazing and too good of an opportunity to take a selfie with! And of course speaking to Dario Franchitti, the former multiple-time IndyCar champion, alongside his younger brother Marino. There were so many good moments, it was hard to pin one down that really defined my day.

However, the car clubs were awesome as I looked around with a kid-like excitement at all the BMWs, Ferrari’s, Aston’s, Maserati’s and Jags that were scattered around the place. It was like my birthday present came early, such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget for years to come. If you do have a camera, make sure you take lots of photos!

I didn’t want the day to end as we headed into the VIP Car Park to say goodbye to Silverstone, I found Nic Hamilton, younger brother of double World Champion Lewis Hamilton in a buggy. Nic suffers from cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t affected his racing career, which he is racing in the British Touring Car Championship.

So to sum up my first visit of the Silverstone Classic, incredible, absolutely incredible! I’ll be definitely making more trips to the Northamptonshire circuit in the future alongside going to Donington and Brands Hatch in Kent. It’s been a truly remarkable weekend for so many reasons and to have my best friends with me, was even sweeter.

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