Another year complete, but two more to go

Yesterday was something of a revelation as I submitted my final assignment of my first year at Birmingham City University studying the BA Media and Communication (Journalism) degree. A 2,500 word research report on F1, which was one of my funnest reports I’ve done to date, but it also means a lot to me.At the end of September starting university is quite daunting even for the most confident of people and once I started BCU, I immediately put myself in the deep end when I put my hand up in my first lecture which was Professional Media Practice. From there, it was just the beginning of a three-year journey that would involve some highs and lows.

The first semester was more of a learning curve as I applied myself to learning how to code webpages, use photography equipment and apply myself to the basic theoretical academic concepts. To do all of this in December sounded like a mountain to climb, but I had joined Scratch Media Groups, which also took me to the NEC for MCM Comic Con where I had a blast taking several hundred photographs along the way. But I had to settle with some low moments.

As I had a very good relationship with all the lecturers and students at the School of Media, I did get myself into a situation where I felt bullied. However, the whole school and my good third year friends Alice and Charlotte reassured me to get over the situation as did everyone else, which resulted in getting the highest mark for Studying the Media and Communication research report.

Second semester was even more difficult as I had to put on a media festival for Professional Media Practice, which would mean working in groups. It’s fair to say I do struggle working in groups and being group leader made things a bit difficult, but if you can get through it and learn from your mistakes, then it’s good practice for the future. As well, finally learning to interview in journalism and radio, which were fun modules as was Journalism, Public Relations and the Media.

To say I have had a great first year is a bit of an understatement as I have met so many new and inspiring people who I’m proud to call my friends from the UK and all over the world. Birmingham City University has helped me not only grow as a media professional, but also as an individual. The support I have had from staff and some of my closest friends has been incredible, I would not change it for the world and I hope next year at BCU is just as good as the first.

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