My first week on the Sky Scholarship

All the hard work, all the dedication had finally paid off as on Monday 27th April, I had secured a place on Birmingham City University’s Sky Scholarship scheme, a chance to spend two weeks with one of the biggest media companies in the UK, Sky. After the waiting had ended, on Monday 7th September at precisely 10am, I started the two week scholarship programme.

So what was I doing on the week in Production and Content Services? Here’s what I did in a brief timeline:

Monday 7th September: Sky News / Sky Sports News Ingest / Playout

Tuesday 8th September: Media Management

Wednesday 9th September: Library / Stills

Thursday 10th September: Ingest

Friday 11th September: Content Handling / QC + VOD

On my first day at Sky News and Sky Sports News HQ Ingest and Playout, I couldn’t believe how close both studios were to where I was in ingest. In the years I’ve watched both channels, you would have thought that ingest was further away from the Sky News and Sky Sports News HQ studios, but I was proved wrong on my first day. This was only the beginning of my week, with so much more to come!

The second day was even better, in Media Management, where I did some Audio Description scripting in the afternoon for one of Sky’s acquired content shows, House of Lies with Don Cheadle, which I very much enjoyed because it was something very different. Sometimes, it’s those tasks that really do allow you to get out of your comfort zone and have a go.

Third day, was a real eye-opener in Library / Stills, where I found myself actually finding the tapes for someone at Sky to use, as well as venturing in the afternoon into the stills department, which was very interesting to see. I also got a chance to go into the photography studio and see how Sky do their shoots for their original programming. One of the more surprising days I’ve had on the Scholarship.

The final two days at Sky, I was in Ingest area at Sky Studios, as well as in Content Handling, Quality Control and VOD, which I had learned from a lot of those departments. I never thought that there is so many departments that a programme or film has to go through before it’s able to be broadcast on millions of Sky set-top boxes. I also had a chance to go inside one of the Sky Studios where the golf was being broadcast, which was one of my highlights of the week for sure.

This first week has really opened my eyes for working in a massive media company such as Sky and has helped me become more confident in my craft as a media worker, as well as pick up on new TV skills that I wouldn’t have obtained in my first year at BCU. I have one more week, where the winner gets £1500 and the chance of getting full-time employment at Sky.

For everyone that has supported me through this, thank you!

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