Here’s some experience I have done in my media career thus far with media organisations and companies which you can view some of my work by clicking the links below:




As a journalist, I am constantly looking to get my work published on a variety of different platforms whether that would be online or print media. Over the last four years, my work has been published for a number of publications, both national and international.

Working closely with the publications I have worked with, they have provided me with various challenges in terms of written and presentational styles. This has helped me ground myself in the work that I currently produce as a professional journalist.

I am always willing to write and produce content in my areas of interest (motorsport, politics, hyperlocal news, sport, data), as well as branching myself outside of my specialist journalism areas. Any content I produce will fit into the style the client sets for me to achieve and produce within a set deadline.

Here are a few links to my work being published on different digital newspaper/magazine websites which you can check out here:

Digbeth is Good

Today’s HS2 Event – 29/09/2015


MINI announces crews for 2017 Dakar Rally – 10/11/2016

Osian Pryce: “Luckily it all came along in the end” – 02/11/2016

The Championship That Never Was – Grönholm Loses 2006 WRC Title by One Point – 21/10/2016


5 Reasons to be Excited about the Huawei P20 – 31/03/2018

What Will 5G mean for Broadband and Mobile Users? – 22/03/2018:

India’s Video Games Industry is becoming a Billion-Dollar Market – 17/03/2018

Computer Business Review

EXCLUSIVE – Government Awards £500m Data Centre Contract without Competitive Tender as Brexit Looms – 24/07/2018

Matt Calkins – “You Don’t Code Software, You Draw it Out” – 04/07/2018

GitHub Sold for $7.5 Billion in Microsoft Stock – 04/06/2018

This page will be constantly updated with other links of my work that you can view here, with other websites I have produced content for selected clients.

Data Journalism and Tableau

Over the past couple of years, I have been interested in using data journalism tools such as Tableau, R and SQL to create data visualisations and dashboards that make an impact and help make sense of the stories I am telling through data.

You can view my Tableau Public profile, and feel free to have a look at some of the dashboards I have created below.