Here are the testimonials Umar has received when working with several media companies and organisations.

theCheckeredFlag.co.uk      Rally Editor/Motorsport Reporter          Jul 2016 – Nov 2016

Vince Pettit – Editor-in-Chief, theCheckeredFlag.co.uk

Umar has been very enthusiastic with his work and keen to make the most of the opportunity with theCheckeredFlag.co.uk.

He has understood the values we represent at TCF and fitted in with our house style quickly.

He has already started building valuable relationships with the other contributors for the site.

Sky UK               Sky Scholarship place winner/runner-up                    Sep 2015

Dave Rooke – Head of Content Services, Sky UK

Umar from the very first day demonstrated a great desire to make the most of every day. He was enthusiastic about the scholarship and put good preparation in before arriving. The reports from everyone Umar came into contact with were positive and the questions he had were often challenging but always reasoned.

Umar has many qualities but one has stood out for me, it has been evident from the first day I met him that he genuinely cares about other people. I have seen him take responsibility and volunteer and be willing to help others and would be an asset in team based environments.

I very much hope Umar remains in contact with my organisation, Sky, he will be welcome to come for additional experience and I hope this leads to future employment. He was an exemplary candidate and the university should be proud of him.

NUBI Magazine              Core Team Member/Photographer              May 2015 – Nov 2015

Izzes Gayle – Creative Director, NUBI Magazine:

Working with Umar has been a pleasure, he’s always gone above and beyond to hit deadlines and do more than what is expected of him, he’s continued to work long after his placement was finished and we’ve been happy with his work and hope he continues to work with us.

The Irish World            Birmingham Correspondent                          Jan 2015 – Aug 2015

David Hennessy – Sports Editor, The Irish World

Umar’s been an asset to the paper, providing needed coverage of sporting events in the Birmingham area. Umar has done well, covering Gaelic games, a sport he previously knew nothing about but learned enough in a short space of time to write competently on the subject. Umar has displayed good initiative and other qualities needed for journalism. I and the paper have been very pleased with his work.